The Current State of Carbon Credit Markets

The 1.5°C Target

The Global Carbon Markets grew by over 20% in 2020 reaching US$267 billion and is expected to grow further as nations race to meet the 1.5°C Global warming target. Reaching this 1.5°C target will require a large quantity of negative emissions, including some generated using carbon credits.

Preserve of the wealthy

The carbon credit market prices have recovered since 2013 and is expected to trend higher, however investments in carbon credits is still the preserve of institutions and high networth individual ("HNWI") investors. Retail investors can only invest in carbon offset which ironically is the exit strategy for these institutions & HNWI investors.

Our Mission

To open up the carbon credit markets for everyone to participate as an investors and gain from the expected future growth of the markets.

Our Plan

To create a comprehensive and decentralized ecosystem for the carbon credit markets using DeFi business model, where users will be in control.

Our Vision

To see complete adoption of carbon offset practices by the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.


The GRÜN.Finance Ecosystem comprises of 5 components which will be gradually developed and launched. GRÜN.Finance will initially be launched on BSC mainnet, however in the future the team plans to also launch it on other networks such as Ethereum and Polygon amongst others

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The system token for GRÜN.Finance ecosystem. Buy and earn share of 3% transaction fee on ALL GRÜN TOKEN transactions.


Invest in carbon credits future upside or use it for carbon offset.


Convert any BEP-20 tokens into carbon neutral grTOKENS, for example: grCAKE, grWOO, grBAND.


A DEX exclusively for carbon credit tokens, carbon neutral tokens, grTOKENS & GRÜN TOKEN. Add to liquidity pools and earn share of the LP trading fees


Put your GRÜN TOKEN to work by staking and earning shares of all LPs trading fees & aggregator fees.


Once fully completed the GRUN.Finance Ecosystem will be powered by these 4 tokens below. Starting with GRÜN TOKEN the other tokens will be introduced gradually as the ecosystem is developed. Although each token has different purposes, in combination it complements each other and ensures smooth running of the ecosystem.

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GRÜN Token has a frictionless staking, liquidity and carbon offset mechanism. Every transfer of the token attracts a transaction fee of 6%. This fee will be distributed in real time as shown:

i) 3% to be shared amongst the GRÜN owners.
ii) 2% to be added to the DEX's liquidity pool where GRÜN tokens are listed.
iii) 1% to be used for purchasing carbon offset.

The total supply is 2,000,000,000 GRUN and 500,000,000 GRUN will be made available for token sale.

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GRÜNCC token is backed by voluntary carbon credit, each token represents 1 kgCO2e, compared to the standard carbon credit unit of 1 tCO2e per unit.

The voluntary carbon credits are generated from clean energy, forestry, landfill and biomass projects verified by VERRA & Gold Standard.

Investors can purchased GRÜNCC token for investment purpose or to offset their individual or businesses carbon footprint. Learn more about carbon offset by clicking on the button below.

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grTOKEN - Carbon Neutral Token

Any user can create carbon neutral tokens by sending any tokens (base token) + a certain number of carbon credit backed tokens to the GRÜN-FACTORY.

A carbon neutral token starting with the prefix 'gr' and followed by the token symbol will be issued to the user. The grTOKEN can be traded on GRÜN-SWAP or any other DEXes.

Automated carbon offset happens when user redeems the grTOKEN for the base token.

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GRÜNX Rewards Token

GRÜNX tokens are issued to any user who stakes their GRÜN tokens in GRÜN-STAKE.
Staking rewards are:

i) 0.05% out of 0.30% transaction fees on ALL liquidity pools on GRÜN-SWAP
ii) 10% share in GRÜN-SWAP DEX aggregator fees

In addition the user still continue to earn the 3% share of transaction fees on GRÜN tokens.


Please click on the button below to download the whitepaper and learn more details about the GRUN.Finance's Ecosystem as well as the details on GRUN Token's private & public sales, its token distribution and usage of funds.



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